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Fashion Revolution

Durban 2018

Fashion Revolution is a wordwide movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry. Yearly, during the month of April, events are curated across the globe. These aim to inform, inspire and change the way that people interact with the fashion industry. As an activist for better practices in the industry, I was honoured to handle the curation of the events hosted in Durban for 2018. 

In KZN, there were two events this year. The first a pop-up shopping experience and activation hosted at The Vintager in Station Drive, Durban. 

The second, a three week long exhibition hosted at the KZNSA showcasing the work of Leandi Mulder, fashion graduate and leader in slow fashion practice and contemporary up-cycling duo Pattern Nation. Their garments sat alongside digital footage unpacking the world of fashion, as well as the ethos of Fashion Revolution. 

For the Opening night taking place as part of First Thursday the audience was encouraged to participate in Lab Talks: Fashion Revolution. In this session, a host of specialists from a variety of fields spoke to topics around how the fashion industry impacts the environment as well as human rights relative to the fast fashion model. They also offered guidance as to practicals ways to integrate better practices into our daily lives. 


This was followed by a night market, hosting ethical brands and artisans involved in projects centered on sustainable practice. 

For more information on this, please see links to Fashion Revolution, as well as this article published on Durban is Yours

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