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Weaving Studio

During my B-Tech Degree at Tshwane University of Technology, I endeavored to explore the practices of weaving: the kick start to the industrial revolution! This project, from concept to final product took over 500 hours to execute. The final piece, an interactive sculptural textile. With the intent of  exploring the historic practices of ikat dye work, as well as weaving pre-automation. This project personifies slow fashion.

Interlaced within the 100% bamboo fibre is a soft pliable wire, to create a brocade. As a results the cloth takes on a 3 dimensional appearance with a sculptural flexibility. The results being an interactive fabric that encourages exploration. 

Hand woven on an 8 shaft loom

Dimensions: 1 meter x 3 meters

This project has since been incorporated into the cirriculum for BTech students at TUT.  

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